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Downton Downer

Thereby hangs a tale… If you are a Downton Abbey fan you are undoubtedly mourning the loss of sweet Lady Sybil.  Her unexpected death in childbirth made for a dark night in bleak midwinter.  I truly did not see this … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey Returns, Stap me Vitals!

Thereby hangs a tale… Bless my soul for Downton Abbey returns for a third season.  I am in Heaven.  If you’re a fan of the series you’ll know what I mean.  There is the grand estate isolated in a vast green … Continue reading

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Downton Redux

Thereby hangs a tale… I have now watched the divine Downton Abbey twice through on DVD.  All I can say is, Do Not Miss.  Seriously.  If you possess one sliver of an addiction to costume drama, this is the one … Continue reading

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Dumbbells Down

Thereby hangs a tale… In a recent blog I used the “C” word, referring to a favorite topic of mine, that of “creativity.” Sadly, another “C” word has capered into view, that of “censorship.” Hard to believe, but that long-running … Continue reading

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