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Isla Vista: Grief

Thereby hangs a tale… Like so many people in Santa Barbara I’m connected to the University of California, Santa Barbara. I obtained my Masters in Education at UCSB. I studied for and received my certificate in Teaching English as a … Continue reading

Isla Vista: Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Thereby hangs a tragedy… Isla Vista can be a bit of a ramshackle, but this university community setting is beautiful. Situated on the edge of the University of California, Santa Barbara campus I.V. faces into the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean. … Continue reading

221B Baker Street

Thereby hangs a tale… Just what is it about Sherlock Holmes and the famous London street address that continues to fascinate so many of us?  I’ve not done the research, and possess only my own adoration for the Holmes character … Continue reading

Masteries of Mystery: Bring up the Bodies (The Vagina Dialogues)

Thereby hangs a tale… I write of Bring up the Bodies, Hilary Mantel’s riveting bestselling sequel to her Booker award winner, Wolf Hall.  The tale of Henry VIII is well chronicled, and in recent years formed the pivot of the … Continue reading

Masteries of Mystery: Kate Atkinson

Thereby hangs a tale… Loss.  Love.  Irrevocable Loss.  Redemptive Love.  Rescue. Oh, yes, and murder, revenge, retribution, and dogs. Such are the themes swirling through Kate Atkinson’s marvelous Jackson Brodie mysteries.  A series not to be missed its writing a … Continue reading