Meet the Author

Stephanie Lindsay Dunne writes about writing and muses about mystery. Born with an acute case of “mystery mind,”* Stephanie serves her mysteries coolly calculated, quill dripping in poison ink.

Forthcoming books include two series:

Noir romance meets whodunit.  Join fast-talking amateur sleuth and self-styled English literature addict, Cate Ruthven as she hunts a Frankenstein serial killer whose penchant is taking body parts from “perfect” people.

Romance, mystery and magic combine. This spooky series pairs novice witch, Tessa Chattan, with handsome Scottish historian, Rick Foxton, the Marquess of Foxchess. History and spell-casting combine to solve murder and mystery, first at a haunted priory, and then at an enchanted Scottish castle that hides a witchery secret.

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* Mystery Mind is best defined by the Humpty Dumpty Dilemma.  Everyone knows of Humpty’s plight.  HD sat on a wall close followed by a great fall.  Those afflicted by Mystery Mind ask the penetrating question:  Did he fall, or was he pushed?

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