Isla Vista: Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Thereby hangs a tragedy…

Isla Vista can be a bit of a ramshackle, but this university community setting is beautiful. Situated on the edge of the University of California, Santa Barbara campus I.V. faces into the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean. Yes, it has a party reputation, but it is also a place where countless young people live, dream, study, work, do their homework, come of age, mature, graduate and bring their skills into a waiting world.

They do not deserve to die here murdered by a cold-blooded killer who hid within their midst, watching, waiting, hating while planning his massive killing spree.

Three semi-automatic guns? Over 400 rounds of ammunition? No, and no and no. Stop this madness. How can such a tragedy be avoided? Well, for one thing, stop selling guns.

Del Playa, the street where the killer at last took his own life translates to The Beach. And there is a beach here, one of the loveliest in Santa Barbara. Imagine a Friday evening, the start of a three-day weekend, finals coming up, innocent people enjoying themselves, their thoughts focused on exams, summer plans, graduation… And then…shots fired, people plowed into by that haunting black BMW…

I know this is an unfolding story. We don’t have all the details. Our hearts grieve with the families, the friends, the victims, and the Isla Vista community. Over the next days and weeks much healing will need to occur.

There is one thing I know.

Isla Vista is a beautiful place.

Do not allow the monster to win.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

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The student community adjacent to the University of California, Santa Barbara, campus forms the backdrop for Stephanie Lindsay Dunne's mystery romance meets noir suspense. Follow amateur sleuth, doctoral student Cate Ruthven on the track of a serial "Frankenstein" killer with a penchant for taking body parts from perfect people. Former fashion model, flight attendant and teacher, and one time chambermaid for a London hotel, Stephanie holds degrees in fine art, education, and Teaching English as a Second Language. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.
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