Masteries of Mystery: Hitchcock’s Vertigo, yet again

Thereby hangs a tale… I thought I’d said my last on Vertigo.  Really.  Honest.  And then I go and encounter yet three more contemporary references to this masterful mystery and I spout off once more. First off I finally got … Continue reading

No Man is an Island

Thereby hangs a tale… The bells have been tolling…  Grief for senseless slaughter of innocents spills tears into all of our lives.  The death of the mother of my friend casts childhood upon the bier.  The passage of colleagues in … Continue reading

Downton Downer

Thereby hangs a tale… If you are a Downton Abbey fan you are undoubtedly mourning the loss of sweet Lady Sybil.  Her unexpected death in childbirth made for a dark night in bleak midwinter.  I truly did not see this … Continue reading


Thereby hangs a tale… Today marks Candlemass, a Christian celebration, whereby candles are lit to honor the blessing power of God’s light through Christ.  Whatever your faith, or lack thereof, I think anyone can relate to the warmth of candle … Continue reading

Downton Abbey Returns, Stap me Vitals!

Thereby hangs a tale… Bless my soul for Downton Abbey returns for a third season.  I am in Heaven.  If you’re a fan of the series you’ll know what I mean.  There is the grand estate isolated in a vast green … Continue reading